Combination of the Spanish
Arbequina &Manzanillo
We guarantee that once you taste our olive oil, you will realize that no other one will stand a chance against our Almeria Gold! Read More
Our passion is to produce the pure bounty of mother nature by practicing permaculture and establishing an ecological, sustainable habitat for our olive trees to grow happily. Read More Why to choose
Almeria Gold ?



We have single source of olives. All the Olives are from my farm in the Almeria province in Spain. Harvesting is always Oct 3rd week , early green harvest giving rise to a phenomenal flavor profile of the oil and very low acidity

EU certified Organic. Certification happens every year. Certification inspector comes every year , checks the growth pattern of the organic grove. Before a regimen of Organic fertilization (we like to use manure and compost) but sometimes we do have to take this office’s blessings for the product that we use is certified by the CAAE as Organic and we can use it.

Working towards self sustainable farming. Our irrigation is solar powered. We do rain harvesting (when it does rain there !!) by collecting rain water in huge swales we have all across the farm. This increases the soil water content in this desert province of Spain. Planting Nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs for soil condition amendment which will help our soil to be naturally rich in Nitrogen.

Nina’s Olivar is a woman owned company. A woman farmer, by chance purely for the love of olives and olive oil ,but now 100% committed to working towards the well being of my farm. I have a team on the ground in Spain to look after my farm. Perform needed farm tasks on time that helps us to be ahead on our farm tasks and keep the farm and the trees happy !!!

Medium high polyphenol content. Varieties that I have in my farm are Arbequinas and Manzanillias and a little very very ancient trees of native variety of Alpais. These varieties have a medium high polyphenol content. Our polyphenol count comes in the neighborhood of 350.

Very very low acidity. Naturally extra virgin – since harvesting is done early when the olives are still green the acidity is low. Every year the chemical profile is tested in a reputed laboratory in Spain and Oil acidity is always below 0.2%


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