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We are recipient of the above awards at the New York International Olive Oil Competition Gold 2020. NYIOOC is a prestigious award. For the year 2020, 900 Olive Oil entries were made from 26 countries. A tough competition and we made it to the Gold. A very big Thank You to NYIOOC for organizing this competition and recognize celebrated oils all over the World.

Here is the link to our award for 2020

Our poem is our pure organic natural blend of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil!                           

Our passion is to produce the pure bounty of mother nature by practicing permaculture and establishing an ecological, sustainable habitat for our olive trees to grow happily. Our labor produces exceptional, quality, and EU certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil that seldom goes beyond 0.2% acidity. We use a state-of the-art award winning Cold Press mill and bring our oil  un-blended straight to our customers, just like it is meant to be. Taste it to believe it. Once you do, you’ll keep coming back!

Great for cooking!

The minute you open the bottle, your senses are sent on a journey to Spain, where you are relaxing on the porch of a traditional house in the countryside, surrounded by an olive farm. A glass of champagne is on the table next to you, and as you sip, the fragrance of olive wafts into your nose. Your smiling spouse brings out a plate of the most delectable meal you have ever seen, and as you take a bite, you go back to your own kitchen, where you, yes you, have cooked a 5-star meal with only your talents and this olive oil. That is how good it is.
- Kate Vrabel

Awesome olive oil

I used to buy Blended Olive oil from BJ's or Harris Teeter without even knowing what good tasting olive oil is. I had an opportunity to taste Nina's olive oil on Italian Salad in my friend's house and it tasted divine. My daughter and my wife instantly fell in love with the taste and earthy aroma. We use it for traditional Pasta dish & sprinkle on Salads. Definitely will buy from Nina's again and if you want a clean earthy healthy organic Olive oil that tastes great, look no further. I don't get any favors for this review from the vendor and opinion is personal.
- Padma Kumar Perumal

100% Pure and Natural Olive Oil

This is a pure olive oil ,healthy option for dipping, cold dressings, sauces and marinades. I've gotten two of these so far and both bottles work great and let you drizzle, drip or spray the oil. Nice idea. Very Good Basic oil ,rich flavor,tastes fine.
- Ramu

Oil That Exceeds Taste Expectations

Nina’s-Olivar exceeds taste expectations. This oil will redefine your tastebuds’ definition of what olive oil should truly be. This oil is rich in color, full-bodied in taste with spicy hints that compliment a fragrant foundation. It is lovely on salads and beautifully compliments artisan breads. This oil is my new craving available on Amazon.
- Krista Collins

Favorite Oil

Nina’s Olivar has a beautifully bright, fresh, pungent flavor. We love using it as a dipping oil with crusty bread or to drizzle over vegetables or salads. It’s been s long time since we’ve enjoyed an oil of this quality. So happy we found Nina’s oil. It will definitely be a staple in my kitchen!
- Cathy K

5 Star

What stood out for me with this oil was how distinctly fresh it tasted. It was the perfect compliment to my caprese salad..
- Judy V

Wonderful flavor

Wonderful flavored oil for bread or cooking!
- Tamra K

Awesome Olive Oil Ftom Spain

I recently tried Nina’s olive oil and was very impressed. It has a nice smooth and fruity taste. I like the fact that it is organic and comes directly from Spain. I highly recommend Nina’s Olivar.
- Debbie

Fantastic taste!

I use olive oil all the time. Salads, bruschetta, caprese, fish, pasta, you name it! I ordered Nina's Olivar Extra Virgin olive oil because I knew when it was harvested, where, how it was processed, and, again, where it was processed. Wow, the flavor is wonderful. A bit more strong than the olive oils I have gotten in the grocery store. Buttery with a rich aroma. Just delicious to pour on a plate with some rosemary and dip an entire baguette! Delicious flavor. Well worth the little bit extra in cost!
- Mary V Halter

The best I've ever tasted!

Whatever I have used in the past that was called olive oil...was NOT olive oil. This is the most delicious I've ever tasted. I have cooked with it, and dipped bread in it. It's divine!
- Michele Dotson

Delightful and healthy

I don't recall having tasted a more robust, spicy, and delectable olive oil. Nina's is full bodied and perfectly palatable for those who appreciate fine foods. Nina is a lovely woman, too, which is all the more reason to support the company!
- Mindy Leonard

We Love Your Olive Oil

It was a pleasure meeting you at one of the markets where we were selling our Vegan Candles. I just wanted to let you know that I used the Olive Oil I bought from you for Vegan Pasta Salad and it was amazing. My wife as well as my 3 teenagers could not get enough of that pasta salad that had your oil in it. Thanks for making this oil organic and producing such a wonderful pure product. : )
- Candles 4 Life

Wonderful Olive Oil!

This is fantastic olive oil and even better customer service. Nina is so passionate about her olive oil and her customer’s experience and it really shows. What a world of difference in the taste and flavor between Nina’s olive oil and others I’ve tried. This is a must have.
- Joel B


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